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Little Money Bags was conceived to solve a variety of problems that my wife and I encountered during our attempts at giving out allowances to our three kids. We both felt that that allowances were important, but ran into so many problems that the kids were not getting any benefit from it.

The first problem was giving out allowances on time. We would either forget or not have correct change and a week or two would go by. Then a week or two later we would be trying to remember how long it had been in order to give out "back pay".
The second problem was tracking money our kids received from grandparents in the form of checks. We would cash the check for our kids, but would hold onto the money until they needed it. Weeks would go by, the kids would spend some of their money, but any accounting of the remaining balance was soon lost in a swirlling haze of trips to the arcade and toy store.
The third problem was that no matter how fun, or how cool, or how safe our kids' piggy banks were, the money and bank never seemed to stay together very long; provided they ever got together in the first place. We got tired of literally laundering money because our kids would shove their allowances in their pockets and forget about it.

Little Money Bags solves all these and makes allowances work!

A One Dad Show!

I created Little Money Bags for my kids and found that it worked so well that I decided to put it up on the Web in the hopes that it would help out some other parents. The entire site was designed by me right down to drawing the mascot, Earnest. I also handle all of the day-to-day operations of the site. It has been a lot of fun and I have learned a ton! Be sure to stop by the contact us page and let me know what you think of the site!

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