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Frequently Asked Questions

I forgot my password or account name what should I do?
The login page has a link that will help you regain access to your account for just these situations. The link will help you reset your password to a randomly generated password that will be emailed to the email address registered with the account.

What is Little Money Bags privacy policy?
Having a web site for children makes this an especially important topic. Here at Little Money Bags we've taken an extreme stance where we purposefully don't even ask for personally identifiable information. We don't want to know! Your email address (not your kids') is the only piece of semi-personal information that is required.

How does my child get his money out of Little Money Bags?
Aha! Trick question! Although Little Money Bags is amazingly similar to online banking and has many of the same advanced features it is not a bank. You maintain control of your kids money. Little Money Bags simply keeps track of how much you owe your kids. On the downside Little Money Bags doesn't forget what you owe them. But, on the upside Little Money Bags helps you set a good example of reliability and fiscal responsibility, helps you teach your kids responsibility, helps your kids see where their money goes, helps teach kids money management, and so on.

One subscription covers six kids?
That's right, one subscription allows you to set up six separate piggy bank accounts each with their own login, password, history, etc..

Is there anything to download?
Nope, you just use your web browser.

Why is this available online instead of as a download?
There are two reasons: we wanted our kids to have access from multiple computers and with a web application any updates or new features are instantly available to everyone. There are no versions or upgrades to worry about.

What is the little piggy's name?
That's Earnest.

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