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Little Money Bags is a fun, high-tech tool that helps you teach your kids fiscal responsibility. It is a supercharged online virtual piggy bank that helps your kids manage their money. Picture a cross between your childhood piggy bank and your online banking account of today and you'll have a good idea of what Little Money Bags is. It is powerful yet easy to use and has many advanced features like direct deposit for allowances and online transaction histories.

Here's how it works: After signing up for a family account you simply set up piggy bank accounts for each of your kids. You are then able to make 'virtual deposits' into the accounts for things like allowances and chores. A 'virtual deposit' involves no real money; it is akin to an I.O.U. from you to your child. Your kids are able to log into their individual online piggy bank accounts and see their current balance as well as transaction history, much like real online bank accounts. When it comes time to get money out of the piggy bank your child fills out an online withdrawal form and then comes and asks you for the money. Likewise, your child makes deposits by filling out a deposit form online and giving you the money. Little Money Bags thus helps your kids keep track of all of their money and helps you teach them fiscal responsibility in an intuitive and fun environment.

Little Money Bags is completely safe. It performs accounting of your kids' money while you maintain control of the actual money.

Little Money Bags makes allowances effective and at the same time hassle-free! You specify allowance information once and the Little Money Bags system automatically deposits allowances into the piggy bank accounts from then on. It is like direct deposit for your kids' allowances!

Little Money Bags is very affordable. Your annual subscription of $12 provides you with a family account capable of supporting up to six kids' piggy bank accounts.

Little Money Bags is every bit as versatile as regular piggy banks when it comes to supporting parenting paradigms. It allows you to decide what works best for your child whether it be an allowance, payment for chores, or any other system.

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