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Little Money Bags is designed to be simple and intuitive to use. Unlike most Internet sites this one is designed for you to get in, do what you need to, and get out quickly, easily, and efficiently. We are a small site designed to do one thing and do it well. The initial setup is a piece of cake and you'll be surprised how little you have to think about Little Money Bags after that. Please think of us enough to refer us to your friends, though!

General Site Navigation

The operation of Little Money Bags is pretty much like these first few pages. There is a context menu of simple buttons on the left edge of the page. These buttons are different for each page depending on the task at hand.

Initial Setup

Once you sign up for an account you will be automatically logged in and taken to the Family Account Page. The first item of business will be to change your password and double-check your family account settings. Next you will want to create your piggy bank accounts. Creating piggy bank accounts is a simple matter of filling out a single form and creating shortcuts to the accounts for your children.

Family Account Page

The Family Account Page is the primary page you will use while accessing your account. This page shows the family account settings and lists the piggy bank accounts.

From here you can change the family account settings, create new piggy bank accounts, see an overview of all of the piggy bank accounts, or navigate to the Parent Piggy Bank Account Page for an individual account.

Parent Piggy Bank Account Page

The Parent Piggy Bank Account Page shows the parental view of the piggy bank account including settings, current balance, and transaction history. From here you can change the account settings, reset the password for the piggy bank account, and make deposits and withdrawals.

Child Piggy Bank Account Page

The Child Piggy Bank Account Page is a simple one page view for the child to access the piggy bank account. This page shows information like current balance and a countdown of days until the next allowance deposit. It also shows the transaction history. The child will be able to submit virtual withdrawals and deposits, but will have to make actual monetary transactions with you.

Even an ATM!

We have found it convenient to provide an "ATM" envelope stocked with a small amount of cash that our kids can use when making smaller deposits and withdrawals. Instead of coming to us for the money the kids complete their transactions by taking money from or putting money into the "ATM" envelope. It's another way of making the piggy bank accounts more like real bank accounts!

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